Computer Architecture Reading Group @ KAIST

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
Jul. 26 Daehoon Kim Spatiotemporal Coherence Tracking MICRO '12
Jul. 19 Kunho Kim vTurbo: Accelerating Virtual Machine I/O Processing Using Designated Turbo-Sliced Core USENIX ATC '13
Jul. 12 Joosik Moon The Case for GPGPU Spatial Multitasking HPCA '12
Jun. 21 Wonjun Song Staged Memory Scheduling: Achieving High Performance and Scalability in Heterogeneous Systems ISCA '12
Jun. 07 Minseok Lee Unifying Primary Cache, Scratch, and Register File Memories in a Throughput Processor MICRO '12
May.31 Jinhyuk Kim Composite Cores: Pushing Heterogeneity into a Cores MICRO '12
May.10 Hyugho Choi Fundamental Latency Trade-offs in Architecting DRAM Caches MICRO '12
May. 03 Taehoon Kim Amoeba-Cache: Adaptive Blocks for Eliminating Waste in the Memory Hierarchy MICRO '12 PPT
Apr. 19 Junghoon Lee Improving Cost, Performance, and Security of Memory Encryption and Authentication ISCA '06 PPT
Apr. 05 Sukwoo Song OWL: Cooperative Thread Array Aware Scheduling Techniques for Improving GPGPU performance ASPLOS '13 PPT
Mar. 29 Hanjoon Kim Power Struggles: Revisiting the RISC vs. CISC Debate on Contemporary ARM and x86 Architectures HPCA '13
Mar. 15 Bokyeong Kim Bottleneck Identification and Scheduling in Multithreaded Applications ASPLOS '12
Mar. 08 Gwangsun Kim Leveraging Heterogeneity in DRAM Main Memories to Accelerate Critical Word Access MICRO '12 PPT
Feb. 08 Sanghoon Cha Improving Cache Management Policies Using Dynamic Reuse Distances MICRO '12 PPT
Jan. 25 Changdae Kim Cache-Conscious Wavefront Scheduling MICRO '12 PPT
Jan. 18 Jeongseob Ahn CoLT: Coalesced Large-Reach TLBs MICRO '12 PPT

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
Dec. 21 Changdae Kim MorphCore: An Energy-Efficient Architecture for High-Performance ILP and High-Throughput TLP MICRO '12 PPT
Nov. 30 Eunji Pak Bubble-Up: Increasing Utilization in Modern Warehouse Scale Computers via Sensible Co-locations MICRO '11 PPT
Nov. 09 Jaeung Han An Empirrical Study of Memory Sharing in Virtual Machines USENIX ATC '12 PPT
Nov. 02 Wonik Seo Accelerating Critical Section Execution with Asymmetric Multi-Core Architecture ASPLOS '09 PPT
Oct. 19 Daehoon Kim The Evicted-Address Filter: A Unified Mechanism to Address Both Cache Pollution and Thrashing PACT '12 Link
Oct. 12 Kunho Kim FLEXclusion: Balancing Cache Capacity and On-chip Bandwidth via Flexible Exclusion ISCA '12 PPT
Oct. 05 Minseok Lee CAPRI: Prediction of Comaction-Adequacy for Handling Control-Divergence in GPGPU Architectures ISCA '12 PPT
Sep. 21 Jinhyuk Kim Scheduling Heterogeneous Multi-Cores through Performance Impact Estimation(PIE) ISCA '12 PPT
Aug. 31 Hyugho Choi Improving Writeback Efficiency with Decoupled Last-write Prediction ISCA '12 PPT
Aug. 10 Taehoon Kim Reducing Memory Reference Energy with Opportunistic Virtual Caching ISCA '12 PPT
Aug. 03 Wonik Seo Evolution of Thread-Level Parallelism in Desktop Applications ISCA '10 PPT
Jul. 20 Sukwoo Song A Case for Exploiting Subarray-Level Parallelism (SALP) in DRAM ISCA '12 PPT
Jun. 29 Hanjoon Kim Many-Core vs. Many-Thread Machines: Stay Away From the Valley
Threads vs. Caches: Modeling the Behavior of Parallel Workloads
CAL '09
ICCD '10
Jun. 22 Jaewon Choi CRUISE:Cache Replacement and Utility-aware Scheduling ASPLOS '12 PPT, Link
Jun. 15 Junghoon Lee AASH:An Asymmetry-Aware Scheduler for Hypervisors VEE '10 PPT
Jun. 08 Jeongseob Ahn Revisiting Hardware-Assisted Page Walks for Virtualized Systems ISCA '12
May. 18 Sangjung Woo AgileRegulator: A Hybrid Voltage Regulator Scheme Redeeming Dark Silicon for Power Efficiency in a Multicore Architecture HPCA '12
May. 11 Bokyeong Kim SpecTLB: A Mechanism for Speculative Address Translation ISCA '11 PPT
May. 04 Mi-Ri Kim DBAR: An Efficient Routing Algorithm to Support Multiple Concurrent Applications in Networks-on-Chip ISCA '11 PPT
Apr. 20 Eunji Pak Cooperative Partitioning: Energy-Efficient Cache Partitioning for High-Performance CMPs HPCA '12 PPT
Apr. 13 Changdae Kim Scalable Power Control for Many-Core Architectures Running Multi-threaded Applications ISCA '11 PPT
Apr. 06 Jeongseob Ahn FlexSC: Flexible System Call Scheduling with Exception-Less System Calls OSDI '10 PPT, Link
Mar. 23 Jaeung Han TAP: A TLP-Aware Cache Management Schemes for a CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Architecture HPCA '12 Link
Mar. 16 Gwangsun Kim Computational Sprinting HPCA '12 PPT
Mar. 09 Daehoon Kim SCD: A scalable coherence directory with Flexible sharer set encoding HPCA '12
Feb. 17 Wonik Seo Energy-efficient Mechanisms for Managing Thread Context in Throughput Processors ISCA '11 Link
Feb. 10 Junghoon Lee Static Virtual Channel Allocation in Oblivious Routing NOCS '10 PPT
Jan. 27 Hanjoon Kim Power Balanced Pipelines HPCA '12 PPT
Jan. 13 Jaewon Choi Adaptive Insertion Policies for High Performance Caching ISCA '07 PPT
Jan. 06 Sukwoo Song Thread Cluster Memory Scheduling: Exploiting Differences in Memory Access Behavior MICRO '12 Link

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
Dec. 09 Mi-Ri Kim A Case for Heterogeneous On-Chip Interconnects for CMPs ISCA '11 PPT
Dec. 02 Bokyeong Kim Dark Silicon and the End of Multicore Scaling ISCA '11 PPT
Nov. 11 Sanghoon Cha Reducing Memory Interference in Multicore Systems via Application-Aware Memory Channel Partitioning MICRO '11 PPT
Nov. 04 Yonggon Kim HOPE:Hotspot Congestion Control for Clos Network On Chip NOCS '11 PPT
Oct. 28 Junghoon Lee Self-Tuned Congestion Control for Multiprocessor Networks HPCA '01
Sep. 30 Jungho Song Tolerating Malicious Device Drivers in Linux USENIX ATC '10
Sep. 23 Gwangsun Kim Moguls: a Model to Explore the Memory Hierarchy for Bandwidth Improvements ISCA '11 PPT
Sep. 16 Changdae Kim Variation-Aware Application Scheduling and Power Management for Chip Multiprocessors ISCA '08 PPT
Sep. 09 Jeongseob Ahn ACCESS: Smart Scheduling for Asymmetric Cache CMPs HPCA '11 PPT
Aug. 19 Jaeung Han A Case for NUMA-aware Contention Management on Multicore Systems USENIX ATC '11 PPT
Jul. 22 Jaehong Kim Supporting Soft Real Time Tasks in the Xen Hypervisor VEE '10 Link
Jul. 15 Daehoon Kim Achieving Non-Inclusive Cache Performance with Inclusive Caches MICRO '10 Link
Jul. 08 Sukwoo Song Prefetch-Aware Shared-Resource Management for Multi-Core Systems ISCA '11 Link
Jun. 24 Seongwook Jin Secure MMU: Architectural Support for Memory Isolation among Virtual Machines HotDep '11
Jun. 24 Mi-Ri Kim Efficient Sequential Consistency Using Conditional Fences PACT '10 PPT
Jun. 17 Bokyeong Kim Resource-conscious scheduling for energy efficiency on multicore processors EuroSys '10 PPT, Link
Jun. 01 Youngjin Kwon Virtualizing Performance Asymmetric Multi-core System ISCA '11
May. 27 Gwangsun Kim FlexiBuffer: Reducing Leakage Power in On-Chip Network Routers DAC '11 PPT
May. 13 Sangjung Woo Towards Practical Page Coloring-based Multi-core Cache Management EuroSys '09 Link
May. 06 Sanghoon Cha Bias Scheduling in Heterogemeous Multi-core Architectures EuroSys '10 PPT, Link
Apr. 22 Yonggon Kim On-the-Fly Elimination of Dynamic Irregularities for GPU Computing ASPLOS '11 Link
Apr. 15 Junghoon Lee Selective Hardware/Software Memory Virtualization VEE '11 PPT
Apr. 08 Hanjoon Kim ReMAP: A Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture MICRO '10 PPT
Mar. 25 Jungho Song An Analysis of Linux Scalability to Many Cores OSDI '10 Link
Mar. 18 Changdae Kim CloudCache: Expanding and Shrinking Private Caches HPCA '11 PPT
Mar. 11 Gwangsun Kim Qilin: Exploiting Parallelism on Heterogeneous Multiprocessors with Adaptive Mapping MICRO '09 Link

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
Dec. 31 Jaeung Han Many-Thread Aware Prefetching Mechanisms for GPGPU Applications MICRO '10 PPT, Link
Dec. 03 Jeongseob Ahn Inter-Core Cooperative TLB Prefetchers for Chip Multiprocessors ASPLOS '10 PPT
Nov. 26 Daehoon Kim Virtual Snooping: Filtering Snoops in Virtualized Multi-cores MICRO '10
Nov. 11 Hanjoon Kim On-chip Network Evaluation Framework SC '10 PPT
Oct. 22 Jaehong Kim The Impact of Management Operations on the Virtualized Datacenter ISCA '10
Oct. 15 Daehoon Kim Managing Shared L2 Caches on Multicore Systems in Software WIOSCA '07
Oct. 08 Yonggon Kim Dynamic Warp Subdivision for Integrated Branch and Memory Divergence Tolerance ISCA '10 PPT, Link
Oct. 01 Hyunseok Lee Complexity Effective Memory Access Scheduling for Many-Core Accelerator Architectures MICRO '09 Link
Sep. 03 Daehoon Kim Subspace Snooping: Filtering Snoops with Operating System Support PACT '10
Aug. 20 Gwangsun Kim Handling the Problems and Opportunities Posed by Multiple On-Chip Memory Controllers PACT '10 Link
Aug. 13 Hanjoon Kim Understanding Sources of Inefficiency in General-Purpose Chips ISCA '10 PPT
Aug. 06 Changdae Kim Forwardflow: A Scalable Core for Power-Constrained CMPs ISCA '10 PPT, Link
Jul. 30 Seulki Heo Aergia:Exploiting Packet Latency Slack in On-Chip Networks ISCA '10 Link
Jul. 23 Junghoon Lee Application-Aware Prioritization Mechanims for On-chip networks MICRO '09 PPT, Link
Jul. 16 Jungho Song NoHype: Virtualized Cloud Infrastructure without the Virtualization ISCA '10 Link
Jul. 09 Jaeung Han Debunking the 100X GPU vs. CPU myth: An Evaluation of Throughput Computing on CPU and GPU ISCA '10 PPT
Jun. 11 Minjeong Shin Energy Proportional Datacenter Networks ISCA '10
Jun. 04 Jeongseob Ahn Characterizing the TLB Behavior of Emerging Parallel Workloads on Chip Multiprocessors PACT '09 PPT
May. 14 Jaehong Kim Dynamically Replicated Memory: Building Reliable Systems from Nanoscale Resistive Memories ASPLOS '10
May. 07 Daehoon Kim Multi-Execution: Multicore Caching for Data-Similar Executions ISCA '09 Link
Apr. 30 Hanjoon Kim WiDGET: Wisconsin Decoupled Grid Execution Tiles ISCA '10 PPT, Link
Apr. 23 Youngjin Kwon A Comprehensive Scheduler for Asymmetric Multicore Systems EuroSys '10 Link
Apr. 02 Seulki Heo ATLAS: A Scalable and High Performance Scheduling Algorithm for Multiple Memory Controllers HPCA '10 Link
Mar. 19 Junghoon Lee ESP-NUCA: A Low-Cost Adaptive Non-Uniform Cache Architecture HPCA '10 PPT
Mar. 12 Jungho Song Value Based BTB Indexing (VBBI) for Indirect Jump Prediction HPCA '10
Mar. 05 Jaeung Han Graphite: A Distributed Parallel Simulator for Multicores HPCA '10 PPT
Feb. 26 Minjeong Shin Towards Scalable, Energy-Efficient Bus-Based On-Chip Networks HPCA '10 Link
Feb. 19 Jeongseob Ahn Operating System Support for Overlapping-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-core Architectures HPCA '10 PPT, PPT

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
Nov. 24 Jaeung Han Near-Optimal Worst-Case Throughput Routing for Two-Dimensional Mesh Networks ISCA '05 PPT
Nov. 24 Minjeong Shin Low-cost Router Microarchitecture for On-Chip Networks MICRO '09 PPT
Nov. 24 Jeongseob Ahn Elastic Buffer Flow Control HPCA '09 Link
Nov. 24 Seulki Heo A Case for Bufferless Routing in On-Chip Networks ISCA '09 Link
Nov. 24 Daehoon Kim Low-Latency Virtual-Channel Routers for On-Chip Networks ISCA '04
Nov. 10 Junghoon Lee Express virtual channel Flow Control ISCA '07
Nov. 10 Jaehong Kim Design and Evaluation of Hierarchical On-Chip Network Topologies for next generation CMPs HPCA '09
Oct. 29 Seulki Heo SCARAB : A Single Cycle Adaptive Routing and Bufferless Network MICRO '09
Oct. 13 Jaehong Kim SOS: A Software-Oriented Distributed Shared Cache Management Approach for Chip Multiprocessors PACT '09 Link
Oct. 08 Jeongseob Ahn In-Network Coherence Filtering: Snoopy Coherence without Broadcasts MICRO '09 PPT
Sep. 23 Daehoon Kim Token Tenure: PATCHing Token Counting Using Directory-Based Cache Coherence MICRO '08 Link
Sep. 16 Junghoon Lee Interconnections in Multi-core Architectures: Understanding Mechanisms, Overheads and Scaling ISCA '05 PPT
Aug. 20 Jungho Song Reducing the Harmful Effects of Last-Level Cache Polluters with an OS-Level, Software-Only Pollute Buffer MICRO '08 Link
Aug. 20 Eunji Pak Adaptive Insertion Policies for High-Performance Caching ISCA '07 PPT
Aug. 13 Minjeong Shin New cache Designs for Thwarting Software Cache-based Side Channel Attacks ISCA '07
Aug. 13 Jaeung han SHARK: Architectural Support for Autonomic Protection Against Stealth by Rootkit Exploits MICRO '08 PPT
Jul. 31 Hanjoon Kim Rigel : An architecture and Scalable Programming Interface for a 1000-core Accelerator ISCA '09 PPT, Link
Jul. 31 Youngjin Kwon Rerun : Exploiting Episodes for Lightweight Memory Race Recording ISCA '08 Link
Jul. 24 Seulki Heo Virtual Circuit Tree Multicasting: A Case for On-Chip Hardware Multicast Support ISCA '08
Jul. 24 Jaeung Han Leveraging On-Chip Networks for Cache Migration in Chip Multiprocessors PACT '08 PPT
Jul. 16 Jeongseob Ahn InvisiFence: Performance-Transparent Memory Ordering in Conventional Multiprocessors ISCA '09 PPT, Link
Jul. 10 Junghoon Lee Simulating a $2M Commercial Server on a $2K PC IEEE Computer PPT
Jul. 10 Jinho Seol Reactive NUCA : Near-Optimal Block Placement and Replication in Distributed Caches ISCA '09 PPT, Link
Jun. 18 Minjeong Shin PARSEC vs. SPLASH-2: A Quantitative Comparison of Two Multithreaded Benchmark Suites IISWC '08
Jun. 18 Daehoon Kim An OS-Based Alternative to Full Hardware Coherence on Tiled CMPs HPCA '08 Link
Jun. 11 Jaehong Kim Bandwidth Adaptive Snooping HPCA '02 Link
Jun. 11 Eunji Pak Coordinated Management of Multiple Interacting Resources in Chip Multiprocessors: A Machine Learning Approach MICRO '08 PPT
Jun. 4 Hanjoon Kim Virtual Hierarchies to Support Server Consolidation ISCA '07 PPT, Link
Jun. 4 Jaeung Han Self-Optimizing Memory Controllers: A Reinforcement Learning Approach ISCA '08 PPT
May. 28 Seulki Heo In-Network Snoop Ordering (INSO): Snoopy Coherence on Unordered Networks HPCA '09 PPT
May. 28 Minjeong Shin Evaluating Mapreduce for Multicore and Multiprocessor Systems HPCA '07 PPT
May. 15 Youngjin Kwon Atom-Aid: Detecting and Surviving Atomicity Violations ISCA '08 PPT
May. 08 Junghoon Lee In-Network Cache Coherence MICRO '06 PPT
May. 08 Jeongseob Ahn Managing Distributed, Shared L2 Caches through Os-Level Page Allocation MICRO '06 PPT, Link
May. 01 Daehoon Kim Coherence Ordering for Ring-based Chip Multiprocessors MICRO '06 PPT
May. 01 Jaehong Kim Token Coherence: Decoupling Performance and Correctness ISCA '03 PPT